Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maternity Bikinis

Women who are pregnant need not get hyper because they have bikinis designed specifically for them. They have thongs and bikini bottoms designed for them. The bikinis are designed in such a way that they stretch as the pregnant woman’s body grows.

The bikinis can be worn either at the mid-belly or below the belly. When one wants to wear the bikini below the belly what one needs to do is to fold the piece of cloth in the form of a band. This band would support the belly from below.

Made of cotton the bikinis have a soft feeling and are of a stretchable fabric. Though the fabric stretches as the belly grows it does not lose the grip factor. It is made sure that the panel on the front has neither any elastic nor any seams that press on the belly. Even the leg openings are designed to stretch.

Maternity bikinis are available in the most stylish of designs. The maternity bikinis give one not only a cool and comfortable feeling but also lets one feel stylish and sassy. There are even bikinis that have funky designs specifically designed for that fun loving woman in you. The designs, styles and prints whether one goes in for the conservative or the daring look the bikini is guaranteed to make you look elegant even with the belly.

What one should consider when buying a bikini is comfort and support. A suit that has the shape of a bikini bottom and a top are known as tankinis and they are ideal for pregnant women. Such a suit would offer both comfort and enough support and coverage for the belly. This kind of suit has become popular on the beach.

There is another variation just for the pregnant women called ‘pregkini’. This is a suit that has a wrap that can be clipped under the bikini top thereby covering the belly. They are a good idea to wear if one is conscious about the growing belly.

Most pregnant women prefer black colored bikinis. If one wants to go in for prints, choose bikinis that have dark colors in patterns of blocks. Such a bikini would give a slimming effect. Halter tops would be nice as they would give a good support which is an essential factor as the body grows.

The important things to consider when buying a maternity bikini are support for the belly and comfort. Be particular about the fabric. It should be of cotton and should be stretchable in order to expand as one’s body grows.

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