Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Punjabi Suits

Punjabi Suit is a basic dress for the North Indian (Punjabi) women. This is an identity kind of for a North Indian or a Panjabi women community. These days the Punjabi Salwar Kameez or Punjabi Suit is famous all around the world. Wherever and whenever the word “traditional salwar kameez” comes, it means Panjabi Salwar Kameez or Punjabi Suit.

Punjabi Suit is normally worn with chunni or dupatta. Kameez is the upper part of the combination of Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta. Traditional Kameez is normally long upto knee with wide circumference (Gher) and with full sleeves. It is almost fully covered from the back as back neck line depth like 2”-3" and medium low at the front like 6”-7" as front neck line depth. It is wide or broad at neck like 6”-7" to put the head inside for wearing the Kameez.

The upper part of the Punjabi Suit has different fittings, neck styles, sleeves style, sleeves length, bottom circumference measurements and cuts.

The Salwar part is a bottom part of the Punjabi Suit. Traditionally it is wide from top. It has 4 to 5 inches belt attached to the rest part of the salwar that is pleated. Upper part of the Belt has tunnel for drawstring. Normally the traditional salwar size from top at waist area is almost double the actual waist size to make it comfortable to wear. Salwar has big room at the thigh area for comfortness. Salwar has almost double bottom size as the circumference of the ankle so as to make proper space for the feet to put inside for wearing.

Punjabi Suit is famous for its comfort and look not only in India but all over the world.