Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bollywood Sarees

The term Bollywood Sarees has been coined after combining two most popular Indian items – the saree and Bollywood. Saree is the national dress of India, while Bollywood is the name given to the Indian film industry. Both are extremely popular. Where saree is the essential dress of the Indian woman, Bollywood films are a craze among the masses in India.

Bollywood designer sarees are sarees that are worn by the female protagonist of a Bollywood film. Since the Indian masses follow these movies religiously, what the Bollywood actress in sarees wear onscreen becomes the trend. As not all homes in India are connected to Fashion TV and other fashion channels, most young women look upon Bollywood heroines as their role models.

Being extremely popular, Bollywood sarees are a source of livelihood to many. Many small saree manufacturers copy the saree styles from the latest Bollywood movies and bring the product out into the vast Indian markets. If the movie is a hit or if a particular song featuring an actress gets popular, that Bollywood saree is bound to sell big in the Indian market.

Bollywood sarees are designed by well-known designers in India. They are designed especially to make the heroine look sexy and desirable. That is one reason why Bollywood designer sarees are popular. What woman would not love to look desirable and grab a few eyeballs at all times. And, the Bollywood saree offers all that.