Monday, September 3, 2007

Plus Size Lingerie - Leave them Breathless

Sexy plus size lingerie offers the luxurious touch of satin against your skin.

Do you long for that perfect lingerie that shows off your curvaceous figure? Well now you can satisfy your appetite with sexy, form-fitting, “I am Smokin” lingerie!

Lingerie has not always been a symbol of feminine allure. Until the 20th century, it was purely functional in nature, designed to provide comfort and support to women. Aesthetics were not important. However, in the mid 20th century, form-fitting, delicate, and glamorous designs became the norm.

Finding sexy plus size lingerie used to be nearly impossible. That is history. You now have so many choices that sometimes you just want to get one of everything.

Do the amount of plus size lingerie choices leave you wondering which way to turn?

The right plus size lingerie and accessories can bring out the glamour goddess in you!

Plus size lingerie is available in various colors, materials, and designs, guaranteed to race the hearts of those who see you. Choose from feminine plus size baby dolls, saucy rumba panties or graceful robes and nightwear.

Start a journey towards discovering the beautiful, alluring YOU!

We understand your desire to look and feel glamorous, feminine and beautiful. You can choose plus size bras, or plus size panties for daily wear, or glamorous plus size sexy lingerie to be worn under wedding dresses and evening gowns. But don't forget those playful and flattering plus size sexy costumes that liven up any private party - role play will never be the same again!

Are you a new Mother, or Mother-To-Be?

Why settle for shapeless lingerie and sleepwear. Stylish plus size maternity wear flatters you as you enjoy some of the best moments of your life. Present plus size maternity selections cater to new moms, helping them to look and feel attractive during the frantic routine of bottle-feeding and diaper changing.

Something More Daring?

For those who want something more daring, a plus size corset added to your plus size lingerie collection, will accentuate your curvaceous figure. This latest fashion item has made a comeback after having been discarded in the 19th century. Let it bring out the naughty and alluring woman in you, enhancing those gorgeous curves and making you feel delightfully feminine. Team your plus size corset with jeans and a sheer blouse if you wish to step outside the house, and be prepared for gasps and envious looks coming your way. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Are you tired of wearing over-sized T-shirts and pajamas to bed?

Who wants to settle for drab nightshirts? Plus size sleepwear not just looks beautiful on you; it feels soft on your skin, guaranteeing hours of comfortable sleep minus the irritation of itchy fabric. Feel the luxury of sheer fabrics against your skin, tenderly clinging to your body, or go for graceful robes that add charm to your figure.

Whether you like the demure or the saucy, the graceful or the risqué, the playful or the functional, plus size lingerie is sure to delight you, flatter your figure, and set your partner’s heart on fire!