Thursday, August 30, 2007

Women's Clothing Catalogs

A catalog is an organized, detailed, descriptive list of items, arranged systematically under categories or sub-categories. There are many catalogs that are dedicated to women’s clothing and apparel. While some of them are published by independent magazines, many others are brought out by the mail order companies and fashion houses. Fashion houses usually publish their catalogs on seasonal basis, such as to mark the winter, spring, summer or the fall collections, whereas the publishing frequency of independent magazines may vary from monthly to quarterly.

Women look forward to new catalogs, as they are the best source of information regarding the present and upcoming trends in fashion. These catalogs are used by different people for different purposes. For example, the mail order and retail stores use them to make their regular customers aware of the new range of stock, whereas the designers use them to give ideas to their customers on the basis of what they can design that is more made-to-order.

The best part of catalogs is that one can easily find something that suits them, without getting into the hassle of moving from shop to shop. What this means is that even if you are overweight or short of money, all you need to do is to pick up a catalog and see what will fit your body and budget.

A majority of catalogs work on the formula of attracting women by either showing perfect fittings or curves, or by getting celebrity endorsements. While some of them target the super-rich class of ladies, the others entice common working women by offering a good price for items. Most of the catalogs nowadays have both printed as well as online editions. The online option has made catalog shopping far more affordable and accessible to everyone.

The great thing about a clothing catalog is that the various publications cater to specific categories of customers, whether that is among the richest women in Hollywood, a leading professional in a multinational corporation, an office executive or a homemaker. Every woman is certain to find a clothing catalog that suits her lifestyle preferences.

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