Thursday, August 30, 2007

Essential Tips to Buy Ski Pants

Women's ski pants and men's ski pants like snowboard pants are essentially waterproofed. You can choose from bib styled to full body to those having suspenders. Choosing a style is individual preference but keep in mind that too tight of ski pants obstruct joint flexibility so can hamper performance which you need to mind if you are a pro.

Choosing a pair of ski pants shouldn't be all that difficult given so many choices and brands. Here are some essential tips to buy them.

1. Choose the slightly loose fitting pairs unless the shell fabric is stretchable. Tight fitting ski pants over hips and knees are seen as obstructions from pros.
2. If you are a regular see that seat, knees and lower legs, the damage prone areas, have enough reinforcement support.
3. See whether suspenders and waist belts are easily and firmly adjustable for the last thing you want going downhill are loosened suspenders falling over shoulders. Elastic suspenders hold fast unto positions but last only till they loose elasticity.
4. Let the lining be soft and breathable to prevent from sweating.
5. Insulation is usually done with fleece thick enough to protect from freezing but thin enough to be light weight.
6. The knee joints must be articulated to give you maximum flexibility for easiest of the movements especially needed at such speeds.
7. Carry yours ski boots along so that you can see whether ski pants' cuffs accommodate the boots. Cuffs are usually large with either knitted and elasticized or hemmed with drawcord for convenience; pros prefer the former style.
8. Take your coach along to the stores where you are buying from.
9. Choose from reputable arc'teryx pants, the north face pants, mountain hardwear pants, patagonia snow pants regardless of men's or women's ski pants for surety.

Make your final decision with ski pants only after trying them at the stores for comfort, flexibility and styles.

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