Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Women's Hats

Many women will wear a hat to go along with their outfit. Rather they want to look like a diva or they want to blend in, women will wear several different types of hats that not only look good but are functional too.

In the summer time, woman will wear a hat when working outside in the gardens. A nice straw hat is good for outside. Usually they will have a wide brim so that the entire face is protected from the sun and harmful UV or ultraviolet rays. These types of hats are not fancy but are just for function.

If a woman doesn't wear a straw hat, they will at least wear a baseball cap. It does sound a bit masculine to wear a baseball or truck cap, but it is all about the function of the hat. If it keeps the sun out of a woman's eyes and doesn't allow the sun to scorch her face, no woman ever cares what their hat looks like in the garden. They are only going to get it dirty, so it's not going to fancy, just functional.

Therefore, for special occasions, there are woman out there that still wear hats. Although we are leaving in a time where woman just are interested in hats or bonnets, there are still a lot that is produced every year.

In practically in women's clothing magazine, the have a hat collection. When it comes to dressing up, hats have to be big, bold, and beautiful. They have to give the whole outfit a certain something that will for sure make someone notice them. When it comes to special occasions like a wedding most people will go with a brightly colored outfit like red and match it with a neutral color like white. It's simple and elegant and perfect for the event.

When it comes to the summer, a hat that is appropriate for the weather is needed. If it is a bright sunny day and you are spending it on a boat, a nice big hat is due so that the face can be protected all day long. In addition, many women have begun to take an interest in fishing.

A nice dainty beige hate will do so that it's not in the way of your fishing and it still gives your face some protection from harmful UV rays. Many women will wear a simple canvas hat that matches their outfit in the summer. The purpose of this is to add something to the outfit and yet keep things casual and fun.

For the wintertime, many women refuse to wear a snowcap. Why? Lets face it, it does nothing for the hair! Most women will not wear a snowcap, but will wear a beret or some other type of hat that doesn't put that much pressure on the hair and ruin the hairstyle for the day. Some women will also not wear a hat, but take a scarf and tie it around their head (covering the ears).

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