Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Just a poem I wrote a while back, and some thoughts for Mother's Day..

I have been thinking about what a PRIVILEGE it is to be a mother. Sure, there is staying up half the night, taking a carvan of accessories everywhere you go, the costs of feeding, clothing, medical expenses a new baby comes with. They don't come with manuals either. It is a "learn as you go" process. But being a mother also means that it is YOU who gets to see that irresistable smile, YOU who gets to see the delighted look on the face of a little one when experiencing first solid food, (or their look of disgust and confusion). You also get to see them take that first step, and that is the first step in a long line of steps, which leads them on their own walk through life, one away from your comforting arms.

But in the time from infant to infinite possibility of adulthood. You have been the one to place your imprint on their hearts and minds.

Once I was helpless and very small, just like our own children, and only one person in the world was given the task of "me". All my needs, food, clothing, shelter, solace were met by a woman named ... my Mom. Others may have helped to give a bottle, change a diaper, babysit, but there was no one like Mom. No one to this day makes creamed peas and carrots like my mom. No one calls me as often as my mom. I am very thankful for her. I recall her carrying out brightly lit birthday cakes, and making my birthdays royal events (to me anyway). No one taught me manners like she has, or respect, or how to love, go an extra mile for someone, no one but my Mom.

Now she is small and helpless, nearly 79 on dialysis and not doing well at all. Her heart is failing, kidneys failing, but her cornflower blue eyes never fail to light up when I come over. For all these years it has been a privilege to know her, I pray each and every day, Lord, don't take her just yet, for there is no one like my Mom.


"When you grow up," a friend once asked,

"What do you want to be?"

I thought... a teacher, or a nurse,

Maybe have a family.

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief,

Did you know, dear friend of mine?

I turned out to be all of these,

(and then some) by this time.

I had to teach them baby steps and

How to pray and say please

I had to bandage many cuts

And kiss "owies" on the knees.

And when it came to defending

or prosecuting, my kid or some other,

I never thought the court of law

Would be found in me - a mother!

And yes, I've been an Indian Chief,

And a clown and a Cowboy, too.

I've even been a hairstylist,

And a keeper of the zoo.

I once drew a mustache

On each of us one day.

We went shopping and to the bank

and I forgot I was made up that way!

Am I a career person?

I think that you can see

I have more careers I ever dreamed of

Being a mother of three.

O Lord, I do thank you

For the opportunities You have given to me.

Of all the professions I could have had

You gave the best job to me!