Friday, June 8, 2007

Discount Golf Apparel - How To Find Discount Golf Clothes for Women And Men

Many golfers may be surprised to learn that golf apparel, could easily be categorized as golf equipment. Back in the time when golf was more of a social gathering rather than a major sport, fashion on the course took front and center and the attire made the player. Tightly pressed knickers, Argyle sweater vests, and knee-high stockings were found everywhere yet they really did not offer much in the comfort department.

During the 1970’s as golf was picking steam, and some of the best golfers in history were in their highlight of careers the apparel was in a transformation stage. Gone were the regular sighting of knickers, and in were the thin comfortable slacks that allowed for more breath ability. Short sleeve golf shirts were increasingly more popular, and at this point were not shunned by the Tour or the Club’s policies on attire.

Twenty years later rounding out the 90’s, companies such as Nike entered the golf Fray. Along with this name came the intentions of developing apparel that would enhance the golfers game, through research and an understanding what the athlete really needs. Once these larger sporting good companies like Nike realized that there was a strong market, for better golf apparel in the form of equipment rather than outfits the trend was set.

As the new millennium has come and gone, golf is now at the level of many other major sports in the world when it comes to better game through better equipment. The leading brands on the market take a strong approach, to the development of shirts that draw perspiration from the body, are made of lightweight materials, and have a comfortable form fitting design. The same can be said for the trousers, and shoes as well. It is well known that if you are comfortable you can easily play better rounds of golf. When it comes right down to it, it is true that from old school to high tech, it still comes down to equipment.

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