Friday, June 8, 2007

Buying New Board Shorts

If you are buying a new board short and are into surfing, young apparel and surf style, you should look in the different stores and find the right board short for your body. Board shorts come in many sizes and styles to fit your particular body. Boys of course, wear board shorts, which are pretty versatile, but girls have a plethora of choices in young apparel when it comes to shopping for a new bikini or full swimsuit. It is probably a good idea to begin with some mental preparation, and to realize that every woman has a different body, so the majority of suits will be made for other types of bodies.

One of the first things to consider when buying a board short is color. A general rule for good swimsuit flattery is to use darker colors on areas you would like to slim and lighter colors on areas you would like to highlight. While a black swimsuit will likely do the trick for trimming your body, you may be able to do even better by using swimsuit colors wisely. For instance, if you would like to de-emphasize your hips, try pairing dark red, blue, or black bikini bottoms with a light-colored bikini bra.

This is because the light color will draw attention and eyes toward your bust and away from your hips. Another good slimming trick is to look for a tank bikini in a generally bright color with darker insets on the sides. The insets will make your figure look thinner. If you want to lengthen short legs, look for a one two piece swimsuit that lengthens them. Look for the trendy boy shorts to camouflage the problem or try a one piece that sits high on the thighs. This will lengthen the legs and draw the eye away from the hip area. They will do an amazing job of directing what you have to where you want it. You should try on a few tops until you find one that is just right.

Keep in mind that the color, size, and placement of the print make a difference as to how it will look on your body. Prints on a darker background are more slimming than those on a lighter backdrop. Additionally, prints with swirls will stop the eye from focusing on any one area of the body.

You should also remember that details on a bikini are also good to keep in mind because they can work for or against you, depending on their placement. Bows, belts, embroidery, beading, and ties will all grab attention, so make sure to put them on an area of the body you would like to draw attention to and gain the benefit of drawing attention away from less desirable characteristics. Additionally, the amount of coverage you want from your board short should be thought of.

Though it seems logical that the most amount of coverage would create a flattering effect, using huge amounts of fabric may actually draw unwanted attention. For example, women with wide hips often assume that the skirted swimsuit is the best style option for them. But the skirt tends to end at the widest part of the hips or thighs, serving only to make the area appear larger. A much better bet is to choose bikini bottoms with high cut legs that will elongate the legs and slim the hips and thighs.