Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Long Dresses

Fashion is an art form, always changing, slightly elusive, extremely seductive and has the power to transform an image and make a social statement. Long dresses made of contemporary fabrics, possess timeless construction and are available in innovate styling that respects the traditions of design. The multitude of designs and styles in a long dress reflects a balance of modern comfort, impeccable craftsmanship and classic confidence. Long dresses are usually preferred by the full figured ladies as these are extremely versatile, comfortable and give a slimming effect. Long dresses are worn on special occasions such as weddings, and beach parties.

Patterns & Colors
Ladies long dresses include evening wear such as gowns & robes, long Sarongs, long Skirts, all these available in several patterns and solid colors. Fabric colors used are light aqua, dark aqua, lime, yellow, white, royal, navy, red, purple, black, brown, animal print, silver metallic and gold metallic. Other prints include red tulip, floral impressions, blue green fern, zebra and magnolia. Each dresses contain an assortment of sizes, styles and colors.

The choice of fabrics depend upon fashion trends and market demands. Mostly these pieces are made of soft georgette material and linen. But ladies long dress can be manufactured in woven fabrics like viscose and polyester, chiffons, silks, cottons, and they can be in the form of plain dyed fabrics, prints, checks, stripes, dobbins, tie and dye, shaded etc.