Thursday, October 4, 2007

Intimate Apparel And Your Self Body Image

Many women love to wear attractive intimate apparel even when no one will be able to see it. In a society bombarded by the importance of body image, looking good has always been top priority for many women of today. Society has for the longest time dictated what looks good and what's not. Sad to say, the norms that society has dictated has forced many women to have a low self-image because they don't look like the models portrayed on magazines.

Lingerie used to be designed for women with slim body figures for the purpose of visually satisfying their partners. But then women no longer wear sexy lingerie for the purpose of pleasing the opposite sex. In fact, the marketing strategy of today's lingerie designers is targeted at how wearing lingerie can make you feel confident about your body image and feel good about yourself instead of just wearing them to look good for your partner.

It is for this reason that the major factors that influence the design of lingerie in this modern age is comfort, ease of movement and practicality. The changing trends and how women are currently positioned in society like being more involved in politics, holding top corporate positions and daring to be at par with the men helped design lingerie to be more functional and no longer restricting.

Lingerie and intimate apparel now come in a wide variety of choices and styles to suit every taste and almost all body figures. Intimate apparel has already been realistically designed and is no longer for the standard body type or figure. Instead it now comes in a wide variety of sizes with those even designed for plus sized or full-figured women.

With the new found confidence in many of the full-figured women who are proud of their body image, there has virtually been an explosion in the field of plus size lingerie as well as fashionable and stylish plus size clothing.

Lingerie designers have now realized that the women of today are out for fun and functional lingerie styles specially designed for real women with real body types and figures. Women irregardless of their size can now look and feel more attractive and confident about themselves.

Women feel sensual when they wear lingerie even when no one can see them wearing it. It allows them to feel good about themselves as it helps enhance their positive body image.