Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why You Should Consider A Beaver Fur Coat

If you want to expend your developed fashion sense and reflect that refined taste onto others, by making visual your particularly good taste and high spirits, wrap yourself in a stylish fur coat! These days, fur coats are no longer for merely special occasions. There are many fur fashions hitting the market, and it is satisfying fur lovers everywhere.

There is a high demand from quality fashion lovers everywhere to obtain fur coats. This demand is met through a variety of means, one of which includes international trade sectors. With the coats on the market, one must expend the use of these coats. Some ways they are going about this is through fashion marketing, fashion shows, fur trade fairs and so much more.

New designs of fur coats are coming out all the time and being purchases and worn. You can pick your style according to what your preference is. Choose from full length fur coats, fur-lined jackets, coats to the knee or pretty much any design you are interested in buying. Regardless of you design interest, as you can buy nearly any fur coat and look stylish, fur coats have surpassed practicality and become downright fashionable.

One type of fur coat in particular served many uses in the 19th century and was rendered quite popular and extremely useful: beaver. In that time, they were used for things such as jackets, collars, coats, and fur trimmings. Needless to say, they were considered quite valuable. So valuable, in fact, that the demand began rise and since regulations were poor, beaver soon became and endangered species! Beaver fur hats were considered a symbol of status for men, and beaver fur coats for women. Due to endangered species crisis, they adopted a new trend to associate with wealth by substituting beaver hats with silk hats. Tighter regulations today have deterred any population threat to the beavers.

Beyond beavers' basic uses, however, they are valued for even more reasons! Their fur is water repellant, and has amazing warmth abilities, which needless to say, would make for a very warm and practical coat. They are semi-aquatic animals, who are large, and live in North America, sporting dark brown to reddish hair.

Beaver fur coats are considered one of the best types of fur coats, much as they were in the 18th century. Those who wear these beaver fur coats tend to be associated with a certain class. Beaver fur coats are still considered and valued to be one of the best kinds of fur coats out there, so if you want to relish in the beauty, warmth, and associations brought to you by beaver fur coats, then what are you waiting for? Go relish.

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