Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Running Apparel for All Seasons

Do you need some new running apparel to go with your new serious running habit? If you are still wearing that old pair of sweat pants and your favorite t-shirt, it may be time to think about getting some new running apparel. The fabrics and the styles make the new apparel even more comfortable than your old favorites, and as unbelievable as it may sound, you may actually perform better as well. Here are some things that you may find helpful when you are choosing running apparel:

Fabric choices:

One of the greatest new things about the fabric that they use to make much of the running apparel today is that it is truly breathable. Many fabrics with different names and brands use the same type of “wicking” technology to pull moisture away from the skin to help your body maintain a constant temperature. Some of these fabrics require special care and laundering while others can just be thrown in your regular laundry. Read the tags carefully.

Reflective fabric is another great innovation in running apparel. This is great for people who run outdoors at any time of the day or night. When the light hits it, it has a reflective quality that makes you visible to cars and pedestrians.

Cold weather running takes special consideration in running apparel as well. You want clothing that is not too bulky and that will allow you to maintain a constant body temperature as well. You can wear wicking underclothes and then a lightweight jacket and tights and if it is really cold, gloves to protect your hands and a headband to protect your ears.


Running apparel can be loose or tight-fitting. It is really a personal choice, but many summer styles are loose fitting to allow the runner to cool off more easily. In winter the clothing tends to be more tight-fitting (at least the clothing next to the skin) to keep in body heat. Make sure that any running clothing that you buy does not rub or cause friction which can lead to chafing.


A special note for women runners is that they need to buy a good sports bra that provides adequate support no matter what your bust size is. The straps should not dig into the shoulders and it should give good support to avoid injuries to the back and shoulders.

You can find running clothes at a department or specialty store or online.

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