Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Indian Salwar Kameez

From time to time new names and styles were introduced in the Indian kameez salwar market. Traditional Churidar salwar kameez name is very popular and famous amongst the Indian community. Traditional churidar salwar is the bottom part as the other option of the traditional salwar keeping different style. It is sleek in look and has leg shape fitting with less amount of thigh and upper space as compared to Indian traditional salwar. At bottom it has small hole with hooks or thread to close the bottom at the ankle. Indian traditional churidar is longer than traditional salwar for spiral shape look at the bottom. Again churidar has different designs as per the market trend and requirements.

Other name is popular as traditional Patiala Salwar kameez. Patiala Salwar kameez is similar to Indian traditional Salwar kameez except that patiala salwar has more pleates and big fall comes on wearing at back. Kameez is same as it is for Indian traditional salwar. Patiala has big room at top with too many pleates for comfortness and different look. Patiala salwar comes with drawstring same as that in a traditional salwar.

Latest the name of parallel salwar kameez is very popular amongst the teenagers not only in India but in the whole world. Parallel Salwar Kameez is an important part of Indian Kameez Salwar. Parallel is like pant with narrow front belt , back elastic and side chain or full elastic depending upon clients requirements. Parallel Salwar kameez has wide room at upper and wide bottom like pant. Kameez Salwar parallel is also comfortable to wear like Indian Salwar Kameez.

Boot cut is also popular Salwar Kameez style amongsts the people. Bootcut salwar has shape, it is like parallel pant but at knee portion it has tight fitting from knee to bottom as compared to Indian salwar and parallel pant. Kameez with boot cut can also be made that has the wide shape from waist area and upper part is similar to the traditional kameez.

Basically traditional kameez salwar, churidar salwar kameez , Parallel Salwar kameez, Patiala salwar Kameez and bootcut salwar kameez are popular as Indian Salwar Kameez.