Saturday, August 25, 2007

Clothing Ideas at Value Prices

Clothing Ideas at Value PricesThis year, as consumers reach for their wallets, they are choosing to spend at discount stores to stretch their dollars. With everything from the hottest new electronic games and must-have DVDs to designer homegoods and trendy apparel, consumers find popular items on discount shelves everywhere.

Karen Koza, director of marketing with the American Apparel & Footwear Association, says, "Especially with a slowed economy, consumers are looking for value-added items, which are readily available at discount stores. Apparel sales have increased at discount stores, with denim making a big comeback. It's a 24/7 fabric that's not just for weekends. It's what's happening in fashion right now."

In addition to denim hats, jewelry, purses and even suits, denim is still a popular choice for jeans, whether for fashion or function.

Here are some great values that won't break the bank:

* Wrangler Hero's Trailblazer Cargo pants are great for teenage boys concerned with looking hip

* Riders Embroidered Carpenter Flares with an embroidered tulip and baby bird are perfect for the littlest of girls

* Wrangler Hero's Loose Carpenter jeans are great for little boys and have room to romp

* Riders Banded Waist Hipster Flares are "hip" enough for teenage girls, discreet enough for mom and dad

* Wrangler Hero's Worker jeans seem to be the rage with boys in their "tweens"

* Riders Rebecca jeans have a flattering Hollywood waist for moms, or if she prefers comfort at all costs, Saturday jeans from the Wrangler women's Weekend Wear Collection are a sure bet

* Wrangler Hero's Excursion pants are perfect for dads who need those extra pockets for their keys, a wallet and and miscellaneous "stuff"

* The Riders Women's line carries styles for huggable grandmas

* Wrangler Hero Outdoor Gear's waterfowl hunting jeans are great for outdoor enthusiasts

Courtesy of ARA Content