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Swimwear Buying Tips

When it comes to buying swimwear, the only person you need to please is yourself. After all, it's your body that's on display and you need to select a style, fabric, color and fit that suit your personality and needs.

Selecting the right swimwear for you is an intensely personal choice that's driven by a whole lot more than just price, color, style and size. This is why the majority of women you talk to will tell you that buying swimwear is one of the most frustrating experiences associated with buying clothes.

Regardless of the style swimwear you choose, and whether you have special needs or not, here's some things that will help you look better and get the most out of your swimwear.

1. Choose the right size

Don't try to crowd yourself in a swimsuit that's too small. Regardless of how well you think you look, everyone else will notice your body fighting to break free!

Choose to small a top and you risk spilling out when you least expect it. Choose one that's too large and you'll have a lot of male admirers every time you bend over or when that extra big wave comes along.

The same goes for bottoms; both yours and the swimsuit's! Check for fit and the view from behind. Avoid suits that are too tight. Not only won't you look your best, but splitting a seam at the beach can be one of life's most embarrassing moments.

Remember, a suit that's too big will not only create see-right-up-to-there gaps when your seated or walking, but you'll look like you're sagging in all the wrong places as well.

2. Watch out for colors

Light colored swimwear, especially white and pale yellow, have a tendency to become see-through when they get wet! Choose wisely.

3. Opt for synthetic materials

Today's synthetic materials keep their shape longer and perform better when wet. They resist fading from the sun and are less susceptible from the damage caused by saltwater and chlorine.

Try not to slide into the pool on your bottom. Pool and patio surfaces can wear away at the material and cause pilling and tearing.

Avoid stretching the fabric to let water out when it builds up. Repeated stretching will eventually cause even the best swimwear to lose both its shape and elasticity.

4. Get a pair and a spare.

If your budget allows it, try to buy more than one swimsuit. That way you can extend their life, and extend your fashion options, by switching between suits every other day.

You deserve to look good at the beach and pool. If you take your time selecting your swimwear, and follow the tips in this article, you'll be the belle of the beach and everyone will notice.

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