Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Golf Apparel – How to Find the Right Fit

Finding golf apparel that fits your body properly is not always easy to do, especially if your body doesn’t match the mannequin models used for designing sportswear. However, while finding clothes that fit seems impossible, if you understand what to look for and how to size clothes properly, you should be able to find golf apparel that will be both comfortable and fashionable.

The first items that most people shop for when shopping for golf apparel are golf tops. If you are a women shopping for a womens golf shirt then you need to take your bust, underbust, and torso length measurements. These measurements can be used to help you find sizes that you can try on. Select the three sizes of the same item, the size that best fits your measurements, the size below the best matching size, and the size above the best matching size. Try on all of these items to see which size fits your body the best. If you can’t find an item that will fit you perfectly buy the size that fits the largest part of your upper body the best and then have the shirt altered to fit your smaller areas. If you are shopping for logo golf tees then you need to make sure that the logo is positioned correctly on your chest. Try to avoid bullseyes on your breasts or problem areas. The proper position for a chest logo is on the top portion of the breast or slightly higher.

Men who are shopping for golf shirts should take their chest measurements, shoulder measurement, and torso length. When they are trying on shirts they need to make sure that the shirt gives them plenty of room to stretch and move around. While ensuring that your golf shirt is not too tight is important to your mobility and range of motion, shirts that are too loose can cause their own problems. To ensure a proper fit look to see that the shoulder seam is in line with your shoulder joint.

When you are shopping for golf pants you need to consider your waist measurement, your hip measurement, and your inseam measurement. Fit is more important than length when it comes to finding the right pants for you. The fit should be body skimming but not skin tight. The pants should allow easy movement including bending and twisting. If the pants that you find meet all of these requirements but are too long remember that you can always shorten them later.

While taking your measurements seem like an unnecessary step to take when shopping for clothes it is important to know these numbers. Most sports lines, like Nike, offer a sizing chart to help their customers find the size that is right for them. This is really important to keep in mind as every clothing manufacturer uses a slightly different sizing chart for their clothing lines.

Now that you know how to size clothes your next step is to learn how to size your feet for golf shoes. The measurements that you will need for your feet include their length from heel to the tip of your big toe and the width of your foot. You will also need to know what type of arch you have. With these figures in mind you can use the sizing charts offered by golf shoe manufacturers to select the shoe that will fit your foot properly and that will provide you with the type of support that your feet need.