Monday, July 2, 2007

Bra Frustration

I remember the times I would go shopping for Bras (especially during a sale) and when I got to the store, they either didn’t have my size or the clerk would say, " sorry but we just sold out". Yeah sure.

And please don’t mention Lingerie and Girdles!

Mine you, I could have went for the stuff in the back on the cheap isle, but why pay for something that will make you miserable and uncomfortable because of poor quality. Sure, I would save a buck or two, but I couldn’t see myself continuing to be uncomfortable all day due to something I hadn’t come to buy in the first place.

I decided that enough was enough and I was going to go online and find what I was looking for.

With gas prices being as high as they are, running all over town was now out of the question. I figured I could sit back in front of my computer, have a cup of coffee and relax a little.

There were three things that I need to do before I started my online journey. The first was to measure my full bust, under my bust and upper bust. These measurements also apply if you enjoy driving all over town.

Yes I said measure! It only takes a few minutes and you’ll be confident that you have your correct size in the event your girly figure has changed a little.

I went online and found the quality, price and most important... correct fit I was searching for.

Ladies, never settle for less. Take your measurements and find the price, quality and comfort you desire online.

Have a cup of coffee, tea or whatever and enjoy the Bra delights you can find on the Internet.

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