Saturday, June 2, 2007

Why You Should Wear A Corset

The very first reason to wear a corset is because corsets look HOT! They are just one of the sexiest fashion items available, hands down.

Oh – you want details? More reasons?
Corsets will make you appear thinner, instantly. It’s true. Authentic corsets are designed to reduce your waistline, and flatten your stomach just by putting the corset on. An inexpensive corset with plastic boning will do this to a lesser extent, but the boning will not hold up to very much pressure, and the eyelets will pull out (as opposed to the steel boning of a real corset, and the grommets which are used instead of eyelets, and are much stronger). The structure of a corset will put pressure on your waist which will push the skin and flesh up (and down) and away from the waist making you lose inches in a matter of minutes. You can even “train” your waist to be even smaller by wearing a corset on a regular basis (called “waist training” or “tight-lacing”). Your internal organs may shift a bit while adjusting to the pressure placed on your waistline, but this is not harmful (as was previously thought by physicians of earlier times). Women, especially, are anatomically designed to allow their internal organs to shift safely. Our bodies do this naturally when we are pregnant. This does not mean you should wear a corset that is causing pain or serious discomfort, because if it does not fit well it can cause harm. A well fitted, properly adjusted corset will not cause pain, discomfort or shortness of breath.

Corsets feel good. Like a hug, or an embrace. Many people find comfort in the feeling of wearing a snug-fitting garment such as a corset, or even a girdle. Men and women have been wearing “support garments” for centuries – and not all just because they make them look better. We like the feel as well as the function. Corsets make us feel good.

Corsets can help you lose weight. Wearing a corset puts pressure on your stomach as well as your waistline. One of the reasons people lose weight when they have gastric bypass surgery is because their stomach is made smaller, so they feel full much more quickly. A corset will produce a similar effect by putting pressure on the stomach, causing us to feel full much more quickly. Food may also digest more slowly, keeping us from wanting to eat again for a longer period of time. Although a corset may not be the “magic diet pill” you’ve been searching for, it may help you along your weight-loss journey. (Always consult a physician before using a corset for medical purposes).

Corsets are great back support. I am often approached by people who have back problems who need a support brace. The medical “corsets” that are available are ugly, bulky and not custom fitted. They are made of thick, scratchy materials, and adjusted by Velcro straps. They do not work well under clothing. Authentic corsets can be custom fitted, made of lighter-weight fabrics, and will create a beautiful silhouette while giving you the back support you want or need. (Always consult your physician before ordering a corset for medical purposes).

Corsets will improve your posture. Just try slouching in a well fitted corset! The boning will hold you upright, and may poke into you if you are bent over. The pressure on your tummy will support your body and lift your upper chest. (Try it – pull in your stomach muscles and lift your chest pretending you have a corset on – do you feel your upper body fall into alignment?) Remember: put your stockings and shoes on before putting your corset on!

Corsets are SEXY! So, now the really fun part… the sex appeal. Imagine yourself or your partner surprised one evening with candle light, soft music, subtly fragrant flowers… walking into the room slowly … high heels, seamed stockings held up by strappy garters which are attached to a form fitting long-line corset nipped in at the waist… snugly laced all the way up the back… soft, delicious cleavage spilling over the top edge of the corset… posture-perfect form smiling and breathing heavily…. Well – you get the picture! What could be sexier??

And besides, who really needs another good reason to look and feel good? Corsets from Corset Connection are fun, exciting, sexy and are offered in styles ideal for any figure. They have been around for centuries, and will remain a fashion statement for many years to come.