Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pvc Lingerie Will Turn You Into A Dominatrix Sex Queen That Your Partner Won't Be Able To Resist!

PVC lingerie takes costumes to the next level. Ever dreamed of becoming a dominatrix sex queen? PVC clothing and leather lingerie have a uniquely sexy look that is sure to get your partner salivating.

PVC lingerie can come in various themes such as traffic cop uniforms, nurse uniform, French maid costumes and police women costumes. All the dresses are designed in such a manner as to add that extra bit of spice to any occasion. You can buy a PVC costume for prices starting from around £24.99. Not only do you get costumes but you can even get PVC pants , camisoles and other popular lingerie items, all available with a few clicks of a mouse button.

PVC Lingerie Has Really Turned Up the Heat With Sexy Costumes At Rock Bottom Prices.

New Sexy PVC Traffic Cop Uniform Dress Costume

This traffic cop PVC costume is sure to stop your partner dead in his tracks, without the help of flashing lights or sirens! You can find this costume in blue and black and the price starts from around£39.99.

2piece PVC Nurses Uniform

This is a flirty 2 piece PVC Nurses uniform with black crosses. There are two colours available in this costume - red and white. This also can include a mini dress with removable suspenders, this little number is a personal favourite of mine and the success rate is sure to be high. The cost of this dress is around £28.99.

French Maid PVC Lingerie Costume

This PVC dress has a drawstring as well as a maid’s apron. This costume comes in sexy black and the price is about £32.75.

Sexy 4 Piece PVC Lingerie Policewoman outfit

This is a mid length zip fronted dress. It also has silver collar and capped sleeves. You can also find a matching thong, a cap and a wide-styled belt with this pack. This outfit comes in black and is priced around £29.99.

Brand new Sexy PVC Lingerie School Girl Uniform

For all you ladies looking to reminisce about your school days, this school uniform costume with cuffs, tie and socks is sure to bring those memories flooding back. The cost of this costume is around £29.75.

Sexy Shiny Black PVC Lingerie mini dress

This dress is just plain and sexy. It is a shiny black dress that allows your to look just absolutely stunning and good enough to eat. The price of this costume is around £24.99.

As you can see, pvc lingerie is not a closet fetish item for weirdos, they are widely available and are accessible for anyone that wants to really heat things up!

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