Saturday, June 9, 2007

6 Secrets To Choosing The Perfect Evening Bag For A Night Out

After a hard day's work, there's nothing more exciting to do than hit the town at night. Don a sexy and sophisticated outfit, put on your stilettos, grab an evening bag and get out the door!

But wait, don't just grab any evening bag. You may be wearing the perfect outfit but if you're carrying the wrong purse, your total look is ruined. It may sound like an exaggeration but it isn't.

You can always go for the classic evening bag—black, shiny, and small—and be done with it. It is a safe choice, although it's not always the right one. If your outfit is already black to begin with, you run the risk of looking boring. But why would you want that? You're on a night out to relax and have fun. Let your evening bag reflect the high spirits you're in.

On the other hand, if you pair up a very funky evening bag with an already busy outfit, you're bound to catch everyone's attention for all the wrong reasons. You'll end up looking like a fashion victim who's trying too hard.

The secret is finding the balance, and here are some easy tips to help you find it:

1.) Spice up a plain outfit with a brightly colored evening bag.

Don't be afraid of prints, trimmings, and all that jazz! You have the license to carry an eye-catching bag if your outfit is austere. A little black dress comes alive with an evening bag decorated with red and gold sequins.

2.) On the other hand, go for a plain and sleek evening bag if your outfit has loud prints and trims. The bag will tone down the busy design of what you're wearing. You'll manage to look trendy and classy at the same time. If you're wearing a Pucci-print dress, a suede evening bag in solid brown will complement the brazen quality of your outfit.

3.) Ditch the one-texture look because it makes you look like you're wearing a costume.

If you're wearing a metallic top, carry an evening bag with a matte finish. Going metallic from head to toe is just overdoing it. The same goes with other textures.

4.) Size does matter.

Evening bags are tiny to begin with, but they're still meant to carry your essential stuff. Besides, a lot of evening bags are more spacious inside than they seem from the outside. Your bag should be large enough to carry the basics: lip gloss, compact, cell phone, driver's license, keys, credit card, and a few bills.

5.) Various evening bags differ not only in design and color but in the way they are carried.

Some bags have straps or handles while others don't. Deciding on what kind to choose depends on the items you'll bring and the activities you'll do. If you're worried about losing your stuff, an evening bag with a strap is good choice. You can keep your bag close to you and still have your hands for eating dinner. If you're planning to hit the dance floor, you can go for a clutch bag. You can easily leave it on the table. When you're done, you can just as easily pick it up.

6.) To really make an impact, your evening bag should not only complement your outfit, but it should also be a beautiful and unique accessory on its own right. Evening bags made of exotic and rich materials like pineapple fiber and Thai silk provide any outfit the added pizzazz an ordinary bag just can't give. The best thing about them is they're not expensive in spite of their high quality. They're just usually hard to find, but thanks to online stores like Siam Sensibilities, they're made more accessible than ever.

There tips mentioned above are not really clear-cut rules. They're just guidelines to help you make an informed decision. But in the end, it's all up to you. Let yourself go! Feel free to experiment. Mix leather and lace. Go for sequins and feathers. Just don't do it all at once. Surely, there will be other nights to try other combinations.

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